These are almost minute-by-minute, analytical questions for the movie. Your students can do these questions during the movie, after the movie, or even for homework. Personally, I would pause the movie every couple of minutes and to let your student get caught up with the questions. But, these questions can be versatile and used in many different ways in the movie.
(Full set of questions below)

Target grades:
Honors 6th-11th grade\

Target Subjects:
-Social Studies/History

Movie Details:
Rated: G
Total Time: 1h 28min
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Family
Release Date: June 5, 1998 (USA)

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Sample Questions:

Do you think no one being able to climb the pole is foreshadowing for what’s to come?

Do you think Shang’s line about sending daughters instead of sons is irony? Why or why not?

Mushu seems to be trying to influence Mulan’s results. Why does he do that and how could that benefit?

Now the wooden beam seems to be a sign of failure for Shang, why?

Mulan could’ve gone home without being discovered and killed. Why did she decide to stay?

When Mulan stopped trying to think like a man, and more like herself, she succeeded. Why, and is it foreshadowing for what’s to come?

Once Mulan climbs the beam people start believing in her, people want to be her friend, and she is successful. So, do you think Mulan does better when others believe in her, and therefore she would have done better with the matchmaker if her family had believed in her more? Or, do you think the matchmaker was never in the cards for her?

Now, later in the song, everyone is doing better and not just Mulan. Why?

Do you think Shan Yu looks for trouble? What actions make you think that?

What is the irony behind calling Ping, Ling, Chein-Po, and Yao girls?

Do you think the emperors councilman, Chi Fu’s, high thoughts of himself will change as the movie goes on? Why of why not?