These are almost minute-by-minute, analytical questions for the movie. Your students can do these questions during the movie, after the movie, or even for homework. Personally, I would pause the movie every couple of minutes and to let your student get caught up with the questions. But, these questions can be versatile and used in many different ways in the movie. (Full Set of Worksheets Below)

Target grades:
Honors 6th-11th grade

Target Subjects:
-Social Studies/History

Movie Details:
Rated: G
Total Time: 1h 21min
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Drama
Release Date: 23 June 1995 (USA)
Country of Origin: United States

IMDB Parent Guide For Pocahontas
Nudity: None
Violence: Mild
Profanity: None
Alcohol/Drugs: None
Frightening Scenses: Mild

Some Questions Include:

Why would the Governor make a scene out of coming ashore?

Is comparing the English to wolves a good analogy? Why or why not?

What is the symbolism behind the cherries and the fight between Miko and the dog, Percy?

Why would Ratcliffe purposefully send John into the woods?

Blue symbolizes order, loyalty, and security. So, why would the candles in Ratcliffe’s shrine be giving off a blue light?

What is the symbolism behind Ratcliffe sticking his head in a painting of the King, so his head is now on the King’s body?

What does it say about John when he interrupts Ratcliffe’s song about wanting all of the gold to sing about adventure?

Why is it important to tell the viewers during the song that Ratcliffe will not dig because of petty reasons?

What do the tall, sturdy trees symbolize and is it foreshadowing that they were brought down by cannon fire?

The river has previously symbolized steadiness, wildness, and Pocahontas’ path. So what is the symbolism behind John seeing Pocahontas there for the first time?

What does the wind symbolize in this scene and how is it different than what the wind has symbolized before?

Why did John Smith not fire the gun?

What does the water symbolize and why is it important that John Smith walked through it to see Pocahontas?

What do the leaves symbolize now, and is it the same meaning from when we saw them before?

Why do we see so much of Pocahontas and John Smith’s hands, and what do they symbolize?

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