These are almost minute-by-minute, analytical questions for the movie. Your students can do these questions during the movie, after the movie, or even for homework. Personally, I would pause the movie every couple of minutes and to let your student get caught up with the questions. But, these questions can be versatile and used in many different ways in the movie. (Full Set of Worksheets Below)

Target grades:
Honors 6th-11th grade

Target Subjects:
-Social Studies/History

Movie Details:
Rated: G
Total Time: 1h 21min
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Drama
Release Date: 23 June 1995 (USA)

IMDB Parent Guide For Pocahontas
Nudity: None
Violence: Mild
Profanity: None
Alcohol/Drugs: None
Frightening Scenses: Mild

Some Questions Include:

Why do you think it’s significant that the movie stared out with an old English painting? What does that say about the rest of the movie?

One of the first things sung is the reason for the expedition, glory, god, and gold. Is that foreshadowing for the rest of the movie?

Why do you think Disney chose The Virginia Company for the ship to sail under and what does that say about the rest of the movie?

The first time you see the ship’s crew they are all saying goodbye to loved ones. How does that immediately characterize them?

John Smith doesn’t have any loved ones to say goodbye to. What does that say about him compared to the other men?

What would the carriage symbolize about whoever is inside?

Why would John be more focused on the ship than anything else going on around him?

John Smith is the only one to try to save Thomas. Is that foreshadowing and what does that say about him?

What is the symbolism and foreshadowing behind the Governor standing over John Smith as lighting flashed?

What does Ratcliff’s dog say about him and his character?

Purple often symbolizes nobility, arrogance, and cruelty. Why would Ratcliff have so much of it?

Is it irony that John Smith is so passionate about killing Native Americans?

The characters are now singing to an earlier tune, but this time about killing Native Americans. Is that ironic?

What other “new worlds” do you think John Smith has seen?

How does the first look at Native Americans characterize them?

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