Worksheet Types

We currently have a lot of different worksheet types on our site, like…

Character Changes
-Students can compare how movie characters change from the beginning to the end

Character Differences
-Students can compare how the character is different from the movie to the original story

Pre and Post Theme Survey
-This lets students see how their opinion on the movie’s themes change from before the movie to after the movie

20-30 Minute Questions
-These are very intense questions that really dive into the analytical side of the movie, these sets are divided into different size increments.
The usual size increments are…
-Fist 20 Minutes
-Second 20 Minutes
-Third 20 Minutes
-Last 20/30 Minutes

Writing Prompts
-Our writing prompts tackle different aspects of each movie and incorporate all different writing styles.

Teacher Guides

Theme Guide
-This is basically just a list of themes that you can use for different class activities