With specialists and doctors urging people to social distance, especially in areas with high records of COVID-19, many families find themselves with a lot of free time. Parents are now required to keep kids of all ages entertained for days on end without school or any outings to go on. And if these kids are not being given any sort of school work, parents can also struggle with how to educationally stimulate their kids.
Teaching With Classic Movies is committed to providing worksheets during the difficult time. So, parents all over the world can turn on their Children’s favorite movies and pull up some of our questions to find the middle ground between entertainment and education. Below, we will list the applications to each of our prior worksheet formats in light of the crisis.
We also will start publishing guides that allow parents to use these movies to spark discussion about COVID-19. Disney+ favorites like “Frozen,” “Frozen Two,” or “Tangled,” along with others, will be featured as classics that explain aspects of the Coronavirus to all ages respectively. They will be featured under our new tab, “Current Events.”

Using our Character Changes Charts During Self-Quarantine…
-Print them and have your children fill them out while watching the movies
-Spark a discussion about how intense experiences can change someone for better and for worst, and in light of COVID-19, how that can change someone
-Discuss specific characters’ changes in their specific scenarios

Using Our Character Differences Charts During Self-Quarantine…
-Print them and have your children fill them out while watching the movies
-Spark a discussion about how different interpretations of the same story can create different depictions of the same person, and how someone’s portrayal can be different than reality
-In light of COVID-19, discuss people in your life or the public eye where their perception has changed in light of their response to the virus
-Discuss specific characters and their changes from the original texts to the movie depictions

Using Our Theme Guides During Self-Quarantine…
-Create movie or non-movie activities involving those themes post-viewing of the movie, like art or stories
-Discussing if any of the themes apply to life as of current, especially COVID-19, and your connections with the movie plot or the characters
-Asking where each theme can be found in the movie

Using the Pre and Post Theme Surveys During Self-Quarantine…
-Printing them out and circling responses before and after the movie
-Talk about other things that can prompt and change in perspective on a certain issue
-Discuss why or why not perceptions changed after the movie
-Bring up what has, if anything, changed your perceptions about other World events like COVID-19 and how that relates to the movie

Using the Writing Prompts During Self-Quarantine…
-Printing them and giving them to kids to take notes on or write an essay with
-Talking about what the response to each prompt would be
-Creating your own prompts in light of COVID-19 and the self-quarantine

Using the 1st/2nd/3rd/4th 20 Minute Questions During Self-Quarantine…
-Asking your child each question of some of them as the movie goes on
-Having your child fill out the worksheet as they go along in the movie