Custom Content


Want to email us requesting a new movie or new content, here is what you need to know…

If you request it before 9:00pm we will respond that day
We will respond before 9:00pm, but it will just be a confirmation email. We will not have your content until later.

When it will be ready depends on how much you ask for
If you just want just a basic Character Changes/Character Differences chart, that will take a week or less. But if you want a full set of 20-30 minute questions that will require anywhere from half a month-two months. The specific time frame will be specified in the confirmation email.

How will we send it to you
We will send you the completed worksheets either by images in an email or by posting it publicly on the site and sending you the link. This just depends on the movie and the amount of custom content.

Email us any other questions or concerns!